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Sketching at the V&A Friday Late

The last Friday of every month means a special Friday Late event at the V&A.  This one was themed around horror movies and all things spooky.  Friday Lates are always great fun and the museum takes on a totally different character from normal.  These lit-up ghosts by the entrance were an installation called ‘Tonight You Will Be Visited By Three Ghosts’.

A bar is set up in the buzzing main entrance hall. I’m pleased with the figure of the barman in the middle pouring a glass of wine, it seems like a good gesture for the scene to pivot on.

This is just beside the entrance, I tried to get the harsh shadows cast by the bright revolving doors, but not sure I succeeded. Reliefs of Victoria and Albert are at the top and two figures wearing red cloaks are near the bottom. I went to this event hoping to draw lots of people in elaborate costume but I ended up sketching the environment in a more general way.

DJ Jonny Trunk.

Several tarot card readers and clairvoyants were set up around the museum, they all had really long queues. Interesting to see fortune tellers surrounded by artefacts from Renaissance churches!

In the John Madejski garden.  Had to be jolly quick with this one because it was freezing and dark — although I do find it easier to get tone correct in low light.

People drinking wine in the corridor outside the shop.

‘Amy Grimehouse’s Trick or Treat Game Show’. The chap in the hat was asked to demonstrate how one would die when attacked by werewolves, zombies, and so on. Then they got the ghost of Queen Victoria to dance to The Thong Song.

Two visitors chatting happily about their night out, ready to go home.

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3 thoughts on “Sketching at the V&A Friday Late

  1. Thank you this is brilliant.
    Amy Grimehouse x

  2. great drawings, I’ve spent many hours sketching at the V&A, its always fruitful and fulfilling

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