Siân Sharp – Artist and Illustrator

Sketching at the Sedgwick Museum


Here’s an iguanodon at the Sedgwick Museum in Cambridge.

I’ve been reading Edward Ardizzone’s war diaries (oh look, there’s lots of excerpts online here) and enjoying the way he uses ink and cross-hatching — not simply as an effect for the sake of it, but as a method for describing tone.  I think I’d got it into my head that you use soft materials to show TONE and hard materials to show LINE, and that a picture has to decide whether it’s describing ONE OR THE OTHER.  But of course, a picture can contain both types of information, and you can use a thin fineliner and still use it to show light, shadow and atmosphere.

This iguanodon is one of the few pictures I’ve really enjoyed doing .  Very often when I go out to draw, I feel like I’m going to work and have to take it all so seriously, but here I allowed myself to stop worrying and just relax into it, and maybe it made for better results.


Oh, and I think this is a more interesting, less face-on angle than I normally pick.  Getting there!

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