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Sketching at the V&A Friday Late

Another chance to draw at a V&A Friday Late. This one was called ‘Record, Reframe, Resist’ and was related to the exhibition ‘Light from the Middle East: New Photography’.  This time I was given a visitor pass and allowed to draw the set-up and de-install too.  I’d like to thank Ruth Lie and Laurie Britton Newell of the V&A for this opportunity.


A long scribbly study of the café.


They were setting up a timber structure — I tried drawing it a few times but just couldn’t understand it, so I ended up picking an angle which cut most of it out!  Here they were discussing the structure, and laying down some sticky tape with words printed on it.  I tried to get a few sketches of the artist actually building the structure because I liked how his figure contrasted with the figures of the statue, but the artist was moving far too fast for me.

Info: “Climb The Watchtower of Happiness, a new interactive installation by Febrik inspired by the uprisings in three Arab cities. Climb to the top, look through the lens and consider how the role of the camera has changed perspectives on defiance, liberation and censorship. The Watchtower will turn you into an activist.


A film screening.  These Chinese obelisks were enjoying the film too.


Remembering the advice of not just drawing what I see through an archway, but also what’s on this side of it.  Tell the viewer not just where we’re looking to, but where we’re looking from.  This was an activity based on Palestinian checkpoints.  “Pass the Border: Invent a fictitious identity and create your own ID card with Bisan Abu-Eisheh.
Based on ID cards in Palestine, the cards not only identify people, but divide and limit movement.


In the Sackler Centre, a modern area with lots of interactive activities, workshops and videos to watch.


I was so grateful to find some people who were sitting still!  “Making Ties Workshop: Join artist Aya Haidar reworking fabric samplers using hand made craft. Work on a fabric sampler before passing it onto your neighbour, following in the tradition of sharing stories and learning new skills.


The information desk.


The cloakroom.

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2 thoughts on “Sketching at the V&A Friday Late

  1. Wow. These are absolutely fabulous. Really inspiring to get out there with my sketchpad. I used to really enjoy drawing architecture. Havent done it in ages. Thank you.

    • Thank you, that’s very kind of you. This project has got me in the habit of getting out and sketching regularly, I would never have bothered to do that before and I’m learning so much, all the time. I hope you do some successful sketching!

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