Siân Sharp – Artist and Illustrator


by Roger Hargreaves

So this was really terrifying: I was in a head-on road traffic collision.  (You have to say ‘collision’ because ‘accident’ implies no-one’s at fault.)  It happened when an elderly driver suddenly started driving on the wrong side of the road.  I am very lucky to be alive.

It’s been bad for my illustration work, obviously.  My worst injury was a ripped tendon in my left hand, which happened when the car spun around.  Even though I’m right-handed, it’s still the left hand that holds the sketchbook or keeps the paper steady; the left hand helps you to unzip the pencil case and take the lids off pens.  I know it’s a temporary set-back for me and there are people who have to manage one-handed every day, so I shouldn’t complain too much.  But it’s still been hard.  It’s not just the physical injuries: I’ve found it very difficult to focus, remember things, be organised, or get interested in anything.  (Just what you need when you’re writing a dissertation.)  That’s almost been worse, really.

In fact, it has affected everything — I’ve found it hard to sleep, wash, get dressed, use laces or zips, cut up food, take the lids off bottles or open packets, open doors, drive, type…   And every time people see me, they ask about it, and I have to tell them and re-live the crash over and over, and again when I close my eyes to sleep.  Also the amount of insurance paperwork and admin is truly staggering and has been really disruptive.

I’ve fallen behind, but I hope to catch up soon.  I’m gradually getting better every day — just need a bit of time and a lot of physiotherapy, and I will get back on track!

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