Siân Sharp – Artist and Illustrator

MA Project: Bunny Book (ii)

Two more modules left: the dissertation that’s due in May, and the Masters project, which goes on until January 2015.  The Masters project can be all completely new work, or we can spend some of the time developing our last projects.  That’s what I’ve been doing so far.

Here is a very posh-looking dummy book which I made using




I’ve been working more on the bunny book for three reasons.

1.  I wanted to enter the Macmillan Prize competition.  This made me work to a deadline and a certain standard.  I created a book using Blurb and learned a lot of fiddly technical stuff about getting artwork prepped for print, which I wouldn’t have learned otherwise.  I also designed a cover, title page and endpapers.  I got a lot out of entering the competition even without winning any prizes!

2.  I’d been to the graduate exhibition, and seen the beautiful work our course was sending to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.  It made me think that as the end of the course approaches, and I’m panicking about my final project, there’s no way I’ll have time to go back and work on this.  Now this is as finished as it needs to be, and it can go in my locker until next year.

3.  Because I’d been in a car crash, I was finding it difficult to focus on uni work, so it made sense to go back to something familiar, rather than embark on something new.  Before the collision, I was very excited about my next project — I was planning to make a pop-up book — but that would be impossible to make with one hand out of action.  This was a way of keeping the work flow going while I got better again.

Thoughts:  The finish of the Blurb book is gorgeous, looks like a book you’d see in a shop.  The pages are a quite glossy.  The font is huge, could do with being six times smaller.  I hadn’t realised this when I’d only seen the artwork on my computer screen, and even when I printed it out onto sheets of paper.  Until it was cropped, cut up and inserted into a book, I couldn’t predict how the whole thing would look.  If I get another made, I’ll make some adjustments.  Overall it looks very bright and friendly, although in places, still too much as if it’s done by someone else — I’m still a way off from finding my own unique voice.  But I’m closer than I was with Coot! so I know I’ve made progress.

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